So many chips, so little time before the wedding

I went to Costco to get dog food and bread on my lunch and walked out with these things. I picked up the bag to take a look at the nutrition information and a man walked up to me and raved about them. So, I thought I would trust the word of my new random stranger friend and get ’em.dscn6246

dscn6248dscn6247He was right. They are good. I ate 1 serving on the way back to work and 1 on the way home tonight! Note to self – don’t keep food in your car within arms distance.

Oh, and a co-worker smelled up the office with the sweet scent of fries and I had 2dscn6232



Lunch was a veggie meat sandwich, sweet peps and grapes.dscn6234

I was hungry for an afternoon snack at 2:30pm. I made myself wait a bit and then had a big yogurt and cereal combo :)dscn6239

My mom went on a retreat this weekend and the retreat location makes cookies and granola and other goodies. She brought me a bag of God’s Granola. Yep, that really is what it’s called. Even though I gave up sweets for Lent and I am counting granola as “sweets” because I eat it as dessert – I thought it would be okay for me to have some granola since it is God’s granola. God didn’t provide nutrition info, so I have no idea how high in cals this is. I am putting the rest away until after Lent!dscn6244

I had a big salad for dinner and a bunch of those chips w ith hummus.dscn6241

Dessert was greek yogurt with God’s granola :)dscn6245

I had already put the granola away, but still wanted a little more so I ate a bit of cereal instead.



  1. runeatrepeat says

    Hangry – I have a HRM, but I don’t use it. I should, but just don’t for no particular reason :)

    Seelee – It’s very similar to both – thick and creamy. I think it may be a little less tangy than other plain greek yogurts I’ve tried too, which I kinda think is a good thing!

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