Hot weather oats

I started the day with a rough 13 or 14 miles. I say 13 or 14 because the last mile was walk/run. I wanted to walk by mile 10 and a runner coming from the opposite direction actually said, “Smile, it’s okay to smile.” Ha. I smiled and decided I would keep going for another 3 miles. I actually discovered a new path today too. But, for some reason my legs felt tired & it was a struggle. Now I don’t know what to do!? I was hoping for a good run so that I would be confident to sign up for the full marathon. I also really want to cut my time in the half marathon, so it would still be rewarding to do. Hmmm. I am still considering it…

I actually had always wanted to try Corner Bakery’s Swiss Oatmeal & reader Steph actually suggested it yesterday so I knew I had to go for it. It is oats mixed with yogurt, milk, apple, banana and currants. dscn6338


Loved it loved it loved it! Now that I have tasted the professional version I am a lot more confident to make it at home. I am so making it for breakfast soon & I see it becoming a regular breakfast. Thanks for the suggestion Steph :)

I also had some of this egg white panini. I wanted to make sure to get in some good protein after the run. dscn6340

Ben took me to go see The Watchman in a fancy IMAX theatre today. I normally don’t like movies like that because I am way to high strung to watch a bunch of fighting and action, but I liked it.

While running errands we picked up some strawberries from Costco (plus samples of course).dscn6341

I also ate a piece of Cliff Bar because I was feeling a little hungry before we left to do a couple more things.dscn63441

Dinner was out because Ben’s kitchen is still under construction. I am so over it! I like cooking on the weekends and I hate that I can’t just make what I want and have a leisurely dinner with my BF. I think it will be done soon :(  We went to Souplantation because I was craving a BIG SALAD. I totally made the biggest salad of anyone in the place :) I made sure to put on a ton of veggies and top somewhat lightly with goodies.dscn6346

I also partook in the pizza bread/garlic bread/pasta goodness. That soup was a split pea. I ate the cornbread as dessert since it’s so good. It was brutal to skip the chocolate brownies and they had and they had this pb/choc chip cookie bar thing that I was dying for. Damn it. I am seriously craving a brownie or piece of cake like no one’s business right now. dscn63471

I ate a lot at Souplantation, but I kinda skipped lunch so I am not worried about it.


  1. Steph says

    yay, I’m so glad you liked it!! Every time I go in I am tempted to buy a bag of those cinnamon crisps…..Any time you are around Westwood here in LA we should grab a bowl!

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