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Hello Friends, welcome to the All Spinach Channel starring Monica as Run, Eat, Repeatmonica-hike

We took this pic while hiking on Sunday. Do you see the ocean in the background? It was a beautiful day!

Lunch started with a lot of strawberries & a spinach salad. foodies-1579

I made a “veggie meat” sammie with a smear of spicy hummus & more spinach.foodies-1580

My peep Terence brought this cereal by for me to try. I’ve actually tried it in the past, but it’s been a while. Good, but didn’t change my life.foodies-1581

My real afternoon snack was yogurt with Go Lean Crunch with spinach. Just kidding! I managed to keep the spinach out of this meal! foodies-1582

When I got home after picking up Matt for my mom I grabbed the first thing I saw on the counter… Then, I realized this is exactly the habit I need to break if I want to lose weight, so I ate about 4 crackers with hummus and then stopped and made dinner.foodies-1583 Next time I will avert the temptation all together and stick to the plan!

I boiled some spinach in broth with a lot of garlic and red pepper flakes.foodies-1585 I think cooking spinach is another great way to eat A LOT of it without it feeling like a lot since it cooks down so much.

I added some sauce to leftover pasta & a veggie burger.foodies-1586

I went for a de-stress walk after dinner. Then, came back to 1/2c cereal and some almond milk. I’m done. Have a good one.foodies-15871 I am not looking forward to a dark run tomorrow. That is the only bad thing about this daylight saving stuff – it’s so dark when I normally get out to run I have to hold back a bit and then I’m later than normal to work!


  1. says

    What a beautiful view you had while hiking!! I hate that it’s dark when I get up now! I can’t wait for it to get light earlier now. I love cooking spinach too you can definitely eat a lot more of it when it’s cooked down.

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Danielle – yeah, I put in so many handfuls and it cooked down to a cup.

    Bobbi – back at you girl :)

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