POTM Victory Dance Extravaganza

Remember when I won second place in Bobbi’s Pile on the Miles Challenge? Well, yesterday I came home to  BIG ol’ package from her. It was my victory loot!foodies-15921 My final results were 131.38 miles!


She sent me so many goodies! I was beaming about all this great stuff as I pulled it out of the box.

I got a package of Camelback Elixir, Zap Peanut Butter, 2 different Camelback water bottles, a hat and a visor. ALL of this is stuff that I will use & will really help my little running hobby :)foodies-15951

I actually wear a visor every time I run, so I am very happy to get a new one!

Check out this cool waterbottle with a strap to go around your hand. This is perfect for runs where I need some hydration, but don’t want to bring along my fuel belt. The other side has a little pouch for keys or something. Love it! I really want to thank Bobbi for putting this contest together. I know it’s a lot of work to coordinate it and I appreciate her hard work!foodies-15971

Then, I got another great package! I finally broke down and ordered Intuitive Eating. Kath has talked about it on her blog and I’ve always struggled with buying it because I am afraid to commit to “intuitive eating”. But I really want to trust my body and listen to it, so I’m gonna give it a go. And I have 30 Day Shred!!! I am jumping on the Shred bandwagon & really hope it works. I need to be Shredded for my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Watch my progress, tomorrow is Day 1. foodies-1612


Note: I feel that I’ve been very “rant-y” lately, between a random rant about a missing naner to my friend’s diets, I know it can be a bit much. I don’t mean to offend anyone with my comments. We’re all just here to run around, eat a lot and have a good time :)

Tomorrow I will be discussing my views on God in school. Just kidding.


  1. runeatrepeat says

    Bobbi – Thank you so much!

    Lacey – it is the best loot! I’m excited for you to get it too.

    Danielle – I am the worst with buying things I see other bloggers get! I can’t help it.

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