Lunch Repeat

Sundays are a rest day, but I did make it to yoga!!! Yeah! I bought a package of classes from the Yoga studio I go to and I have to use all of them by April 10th. I do not have enough time since I'm not in this neighborhood that often. I am going to make it a point to get to 2 of these classes a week so I can use them all up in time! Today's class was by a sub instructor. She … [Read more...]

Hole in the wall

Here is just a quick recap of my Saturday, just for my record... I had some Triscuits while waiting for Ben to meet up with me for lunch. Lunch was egg white salad from TJ's an amazing salad topped with hummus and more hummus with chips. POM and seltzer for a beverage As we left for Matt's basketball game I grabbed some grapes :) These are like my candy these … [Read more...]