My new bathing suit

I bought a bathing suit to inspire me to get it together & drop some lbs. I figured the reality of trying it on would make me realize I have a beach vacation coming up in 3 months!  I was going to post a pic of me in it as a “Before” and hopefully lose some weight so I could redeem myself with an “After” picture, but I thought this would be more fun…

gaze-at-your-own-mortality-5-dollarsMy ridiculously difficult half mary schedule called for me to do speed work with 1.5mile repeats. Nope. I can barely do 800m right now. So, that’s what I did – a few 800m and a cool down. I am glad that I am finally incorporating some speed work in my life because all I ever do is – slow & steady 4 to 6 milers 4 days a week and that gets boring. Maybe I will eventually be able to change up the speed work. Hey, it’s like I was saying last night – one step at a time!

I topped my oats with a crumbled Kashi Crunch bar and some PB. My oats have been just okay lately. I need to change it up!dscn6793 


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  1. Cid says

    LOL!! Love the cartoon!! what color is your bathing suit? You know you can post it!! Come on, you just ran a full marathon!!

  2. says

    You will look fab in your swimsuit! Funny, I was just telling my fiance the same thing…I want to buy a new bikini to motivate myself to have some rocking abs for our Mexican cruise honeymoon!

  3. says

    I was thinking about doing that with a bathing suit too. I wonder if this will finally be the year I can wear a bikini again? I am thinking about getting out my old “no shame” bikini photos, because I have a funny story to tell about them.

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