The hills are alive

I always run on completely flat routes, so hills really kill me. I know I should start incorporating some kind of hill running in my training though. I ran up and down a near by hill 2 times and I was dead by the end of it. For the entire rest of my 5.5mile run I wanted to take a walk break. That’s tragic.

For some reason my breakfast pic is MIA – it was Swiss Oats – oatmeal soaked overnight in greek yogurt/almond milk/apple and topped with cereal and PB this morning.

It’s about 11:15am here and I am feeling ready for lunch icon smile The hills are alive We’ll see if I can hold off a bit…


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    I just had lunch and I am still hungry…lol..this mornings run was up and down hills I figure if I train on hills I can run anything!

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    My neighborhood is really hilly, so now that it’s getting warm outside, I’m running outside some instead of just on the treadmill at my gym. Holy smokes, what a difference it makes! I’m seriously huffing and puffing by the time I get going! -e

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