Guinness Book of World Records Salad

I forgot to tell you that Friday is my weekly weigh in day (or did I?). I am the same as last week, which is okay since I didn’t really make any effort this week to cut back on things. It’s a struggle with trying to lose weight, but also focusing on intuitive eating, you know? I’m hoping next Friday shows a loss!

Yoga was great :) It wasn’t too difficult at all except for the part where she tried to get us to do headstands. Yeah, right. I made a weak attempt to do it and decided I would rather make a fool of myself at home for my first time.

Lunch was the winner of the Guinness Book of World Records Biggest Salad –dscn7004

I am not messing around with salads – this is a serving bowl. If I am going to eat a bowl full of veggies it better be BIG. I topped it with a veggie chik’n pattie (that I overcooked in the micro) – I love those things!

Oh, and I almost forgot – a TJ’s brown rice CA roll (the rest of these are for dinner).dscn7001

On the side I had 8 grain crisps – a lot.dscn70051

And for dessert – some cereal with milk. I was super full, but was really craving this so I just ate it and moved on.


Ben and I are going to the movies tonight. So I have to finish up work and throw something together for dinner. I need some salty carbs since I’m going to be doing a long run tomorrow morning. I really need a good run since I had bad runs all week :( It’s really messing with my head at this point and I feel really discouraged. I will let you know how it goes…


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