Taking sides

I slept in a bit today & had to rush out the door to my run. It's good that I rushed out because if I had time to think about it I might have talked myself out of it since I wasn't exactly looking forward to running so late and being rushed today. I did 5.5 miles or so. When I got back home I ate a handful of cereal and did 30 Day Shred. I had to take a shower since … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Muffies

Remember when I was making sweet potato cookies the other day? Well, after experimenting with the recipe I realized they are more like a muffin top in consistency.   I had my friends and family taste test & it was agreed - they are muffin tops - well, "Muffies" to be exact. I can't reveal the recipe as of yet because these will be sold at Meghann's Blogger Bake Sale. But, … [Read more...]

My apologies and My Last Supper…

Two of my friends actually got mad because they believed Ben & I eloped! Sorry guys! April Fools! The picture was actually from when we got engaged. I never wanted to post it because I look like a grease ball, but we had least had to record the memory, right? It was a big surprise & I wasn't exactly ready for my close-up! Lunch was a random mix of things, including 8 … [Read more...]