Does Ben's scale lie?

Friday Weigh In- I weighed myself on Ben's scale this morning & it showed a loss! But, I'm not getting too excited since our scales may be a bit off from each other. Either way, I'll take it! Sleep Diet Challenge- This is not going well. I didn't get 8 hours last night, more like 7ish? I need to tell myself that I obligated to be somewhere at 9pm - in my room reading or … [Read more...]

Pulling Weeds

My appointment to the RD went well. I told her about the blog on my first visit and she took a look at it, but said she decided not to read so she can hear straight from me what is going on - which is best because I don't take pictures of my compulsive snacking that is doing the most damage anyways. I did tell Ben she is trying to keep me fat and I want to say, "How is this … [Read more...]