Amazing Greens & your taste buddies

I brought my Amazing Greens to drink at work today and offered it to a few of my friends. Everyone thought it looked and smelled disgusting. The one person I conned into convinced to try it thought it was gross, but did say, "I've tasted worse." My point is, I told you guys that it wasn't that bad and I can drink it mixed with water no problem, but I don't want to steer you … [Read more...]

How many calories do I need?

I stumbled upon this site today that tells you how many calories you should be eating to get to your ideal weight. I did it and the ideal weight it gave me is lower than I care to be, so I didn't like that about the information, but it was informative. It says I burn 1777 calories a day (not including any calories I burn exercising). According to the site I should eat 1481 … [Read more...]

Road Trip from Home

Have you guys ever heard of Pea Soup Anderson's? It's a landmark restaurant in California known for their pea soup. Ben and I have been there on road trips up the coast. *I tried to link to it, but their site is down. And The Girls Next Store went there on a recent episode - which reminded me I had a can of their delicious pea soup. That, along with animal crackers... plus … [Read more...]