Target is an evil genius

I brought a naner and the last of my Barney Butter for a p.m. snack. I’m both sad and happy that the BB is gone. I was digging into the jar with a spoon/knife/fingers like an addict. No picture because I broke my memory card at work!!!

So after work I stopped at Target to get a new one and ended up walking out of there with 2 bathing suits and a sun dress. I went in for 1 thing!

Note: Trying on bathing suits really reminds you why you need a Crap Free Week icon sad Target is an evil genius

I had to run an errand on lunch and picked a few things (including something for a dinner). When I got back from lunch I broke into this package, but here’s a reenactment. Dried mango from TJ’s – it’s almost as good as fresh mango. dscn8204 Target is an evil genius


Dinner : When I was out on lunch I decided something prepared was in order for dinner since a Target trip after work would mean I wouldn’t get home until after 7pm.  I got shrimp sushi with avocado – made with brown rice. dscn8198 Target is an evil genius

I also dug into the rice and vegetables my mom made for dinner too.dscn8200 Target is an evil genius

Dessert was watermelon and a few strawberries. Seriously, few things make me happier than ripe watermelon. I.LOVE.IT. dscn8203 Target is an evil genius 

I am super excited about Crap Free Week, but I know it’s going to be rough! I know Bobbi said she was on board too icon smile Target is an evil genius

pin it button Target is an evil genius


  1. landoffruitsandnuts says

    Target always gets me with that “dollar spot” even things I don’t need I think I need because they’re only a dollar :-P

    I LOVE fresh watermelon too- that’s one of my favorite things about summer & we’re pretty lucky to already be getting good stuff here

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