Relay for Life

My little mom is a teacher and her school participated in the Relay for Life. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. It offers everyone in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is … [Read more...]

Reality Blogging

So many people say their life should be a reality show, but really I think mine should be one right now! There is so much craziness going on with my personal life, friends, fam, wedding, work and more. A lot of this stuff I can't even talk about because not everyone close to me even knows yet! But, when I finally spill the beans on everything exciting in the world of Monica - … [Read more...]

Matt meets the monster

I made Matt a Green Monster for breakfast this morning. He liked it, but didn't finish it, so I don't know if he was just being nice or the green color weirded him out.             After a 5 miler with hillsI wanted a smoothie and PB toast for breakfast too! I used a scoop of  Amazing Grass, blueberries, frozen naner and almond milk. Plus PB&PB on Ezekiel … [Read more...]

No Time to Cook

I went out and bought coconut milk for a curry tofu recipe I wanted to make yesterday for dinner...yeah, right. I barely have time to make a sandwich right now! After the dress fitting I walked the dogs and threw something together quick: A veggie burger in a flat out wrap and kale chips. I love kale chips and bought kale from the farmer's market specifically for this :)  I … [Read more...]

See you manana

I don't have the time to post a full dinner update tonight, but just wanted to say I'll be back first thing (Pacific Time!) tomorrow :) I figured you guys would be okay with me skipping a post since I'm ... planning a wedding, going on a trip in 4 days, working full time, blogging, packing for a move and more! I accomplished a lot today including: - A dress fitting! - Calls … [Read more...]

Life is a bowl of cherries

and that makes me happy :) this was my afternoon snackage today. I basically made myself sick from too many cherries yesterday, but still came back for more today! I am messed up. I was really craving veggies and protien for lunch today. So I mixed up some tuna, hummus and curry powder and put it on top of a salad with a ton of veggies. plus 2 3 mini ww pitas on the side. … [Read more...]

Whose opinion counts

No matter what other people tell me about my running, clothes, body, etc I have my own opinion on it. And their opinion will never be more important than mine. I appreciate feedback and other's thoughts, I often ask for opinions on certain things. But I never ask for opinions on my body. It doesn't matter what other people think. How I feel is the deciding factor. I am on this … [Read more...]

My body said what?

The second principle of Intuitive Eating is "Honor your Hunger". The book explains it as "keeping your body biologically fed". I have been trying to work on this one which is one of the reasons my eating was so random this weekend. But years of ignorning hunger signals because it's not "time to eat" or I should be on a diet; as well as overeating even when I'm not hungry in … [Read more...]

New lappy

Howdy - Sorry I'm late! I was setting up my new laptop :) It has a different mouse pad than I'm used to and I keep messing up! Blog related - We decided to get one of those internet plans that you can use anywhere so while I'm on vacation I'll be blogging it up! Can you see my reflection in the computer?      My peep wanted to go to the Farmer's Market for lunch and I … [Read more...]

Cutting a Watermelon

It's Sandia time! Here is a quick video on my watermelon cutting technique. I know it's not rocket science, but I think the way I do it is pretty simple and fast. Also, making the video prevented me from eating all of it as I cut, since I knew you'd be watching :) How to Cut a Watermelon   And I guess we're getting pretty close now since I completely don't feel … [Read more...]


It certainly didn't feel like Monday today. I got to sleep in, go for a run, eat a leisurely breakfast and accomplish a ton of wedding tasks :) Wedding things we got done: - Tons of follow ups with vendors - Deciding flower stuff - Getting Ben's ring sized and engraved W/O: Run 6 miles. I woke up late - 8:15ish! Luckily, it was cool here today so I still had a nice little … [Read more...]

Shop smart

This time I don't mean shop smarter price wise - I mean pick the best options for what you want to eat. This morning I wanted a traditional American breakfast with eggs, sausage and toast. I used these things - egg beaters, veggie sausage and Perfect 10 bagel. Swapping these choices for real eggs, sausage and a bagel saved me hundreds of calories! My guilty add in was a … [Read more...]

Reason to run

It's very hard to get motivated for a long run when you're not actually training for a race! I am going to pick my next 2 races tonight so I have a Reason to Run! Ben said my love of running should be reason enough, but that love will only take me 6 miles or so, after that I need a reason! W/O: I did 11.70 miles this morning. I was going to do 12 miles, but I took a route … [Read more...]

Intuitive Overeating

I did good and bad last night for dinner. We went to Lucille's for dinner last night. We were kinda celebrating Ben moving into a new place :) and he had never been to Lucille's before. I knew he would love it since he's a big meat eater and we're always going to places I want to go so I thought I'd give him this one. Intuitive Eating Journal - I listened to my body and ate … [Read more...]

Pack it up!

 I found some great reusable lunch containers at Marshall's this week! Save the world with re-usables, pack a (healthy) lunch, save money at Marshall's - I totally scored on so many levels!   I found 3 containers,but only took pics of 2 today.  This one  has a bunch of compartments and a center container for dressing or yogurt or hummus or PB or whatever you use for … [Read more...]

I need a (blog) makeover!

There are some amazing contests that I would love to win posted today: I need a (blog) makeover! So, I'm hoping to win Zesty's contest! Mara has a super cute charm that she's giving away. It's designed for food bloggers :) I'm also on the market for a new laptop - does any one have suggestions/must haves? … [Read more...]