OC Half – Carb Loading

I have said it before on the blog my carb loading of choice is rice with soy sauce with some main dish of Thai or Chinese food.

After a long day I decided quick Chinese takeout was the easiest way to get my hands on my salty carb of choice. I started with wonton soup.dscn8363 OC Half   Carb Loading

The place we went to didn’t have very many choices, but I decided on steamed rice(they don’t have brown rice in my city at all!!!) with chow mein and shrimp and chicken chop suey. I also stole some of Ben’s Walnut Shrimp. I ate a lot, more than this.dscn8362 OC Half   Carb Loading

Earlier in the day I had some Mother’s Cookies that Foodbuzz sent over in partnership with Mother’s to sample! I’m going to post about them later…dscn8345 OC Half   Carb Loading

I also drank half of this – another out of character move for me, but whatev. At least it was the sf kind! dscn8334 OC Half   Carb Loading

pin it button OC Half   Carb Loading


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    Fun carbo loading! ;) Can’t wait to hear about the Mother’s Cookies; it totally broke my childhood dreams when they went out of business!

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