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Every lunch break I have wedding errands to complete. Today I went looking for wedding bands. I actually am not sure I even want one since I just plan on wearing my engagement ring as a wedding ring. But, I was thinking I may need one for times when I shouldn’t be wearing this ring, like traveling and stuff. Hmmm. I can’t decide!

Lunch – I made myself eat one of the frozen meals I have had at work for the longest time today. It was a LC pizza with some veggies on the side. dscn8656 Hot Pizza

But, it needed some heat. I added some Tapatio! Much better. dscn8661 Hot Pizza

Fruit on the side- dscn8654 Hot Pizza

But, I still wanted dessert so I ate my calcium with a Tootsie Roll. Sorry, those don’t satisfy a chocolate craving icon sad Hot Pizza dscn8662 Hot Pizza

My afternoon snack was yogurt and cereal. I mixed them together, but I’ve decided that cereal is best with milk and granola is best with yogurt and I should stick with that. dscn8666 Hot Pizza

Cereal – dscn8663 Hot Pizza

Dinah - I just threw this together, a sweet potato, veggie burger and left over broccoli salad. dscn8669 Hot Pizza

Treats for a cause – I got this bag from Costco. The combination of the cause - Breast Cancer, and the treat - chocolate, attracted me. But, I don’t like them at all. I’m going to try and give them away. I’m still glad I bought them since Breast Cancer is a cause close to my heart. dscn8671 Hot Pizza

Check out these statistics from the National Cancer Institute:

Estimated new cases and deaths from Breast Cancer in 2009:

New cases: 192,370 (female) 1,910 (male)

Deaths: 40,170 (female) 440 (male)


Dessert – I was hell bent on having dessert tonight so had some hot cocoa with a Vitatop, but I also grabbed some random cookies.dscn8673 Hot Pizza


IE Journal – I am still in the beginning stages of eating intuitively so it is a struggle at every meal & snack between meals! This morning I thought my breakfast was not going to keep me full, but it did. I’m glad I didn’t make myself eat more.

Coming home after a long day is my biggest struggle. I didn’t need dessert, but I still ate it. This is so frustrating since it’s my most obvious and damaging habit. I feel overly full now and I hate this feeling! I need to remember how uncomfortable and fat I feel after eating too much (like now) so I make sure not to do this to myself again!

What do you guys think about getting a wedding band? I really wanted something simple since I’m not planning on wearing it unless I shouldn’t be wearing my ring, but this one is on super sale…dscn8646 Hot Pizza

I wanted something low key…I can’t decide.

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    I didn’t get a wedding band, because the shape of my engagement ring doesn’t look right with another ring on my finger. But most people do get one. A few people gave me a hard time for not having one. “How will people know that you’re married?” A little ridiculous if you ask me. I’d get one if you want it but not worry about it if you don’t.

    Love that pizza! I especially love the yellow and red peppers on the side.

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    I love that band!! Very beautiful!

    Intuitive eating is hard! It takes a long time to get out of bad habits! I am right there with you! I hate that feeling of super full too and I always try hard to never ever get there. It’s a definite struggle but we can do it!
    Try not having dessert for a few nights in a row and see how you feel OR have fruit. See if you genuinely feel better (you should)

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    Hey sweetie, I TOTALLY hear you on the intuitive eating. I really am trying as well to not snack between meals, but it’s hard when you’ve gotten accustomed to it. Plus, i really believe i just enjoy doing it. It’s fun! But you’re right, it takes A LOT Of self-control, but I really believe that we have to learn to STOP feeling guilty and START practicing discipline. *nod nod* I eat bigger meals to stay fuller and get all the munching i want out of the way in one go. hahahah So far it works ok!

    Good luck!!! Also, the ring is cute! it looks very every-day ish!

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    I completely understand about the wedding ring dilemma–I went through the same thing myself when I got married. I thought the same as you–women didn’t have both bands back in the past; why couldn’t my engagement ring be enoug. Besides, I couldn’t imagine two rings looking good together. But the matching band *did* look good, so I ended up getting both.
    I think your band is absolutely beautiful and would look amazing worn on it’s own, as you said, for situations like travel (we didn’t even bring our rings on our honeymoon!) As for wearing the two together, that totally depends on whether they work together or not. And hey, if it’s a band you absolutely love and it’s on sale, I say do whatever you want–wear your engagement ring when you feel like it and your wedding band when you feel like wearing it. It seems like anything goes these days when it comes to wedding rings, so do what makes you happy.
    Hope this helps!

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