Normal lunch

Today I packed what I think is a “Normal Lunch”. I had a sandwich with a slice of turkey, Food Should Taste Good chips and veggies on the side. I wasn’t going to pack the chips, but I really like them and according the Intuitive Eating, I should give myself complete permission to eat what I want. dscn8683 Normal lunch

Sammie! dscn8686 Normal lunchI have really been struggling with eating so much  meat lately.

I haven’t been eating red meat (that’s not my thing), but I have been eating more chicken and turkey. Not a lot, but I do have it a few times a week now which I’m not happy with.

When I met Ben two years ago I was reading Becoming Vegan(I remember because we talked about it and I thought he would think I was a weirdo!). I was one step away from becoming vegan, but life turned upside down when I met him and all I cared about was being in love. Aaaaaah icon smile Normal lunch

I’m not complaining – shit, I’m getting married in 39 days so it kinda worked out, but I am not happy that I’ve let my eating habits change into something I don’t want.

I originally became vegan after high school when a co-worker gave me a pamphlet on the treatment of animals. So when Caitlin mentioned that Skinny Bitch has a whole chapter on it I knew I couldn’t just ignore that. I bought the book and can pretty much predict that after I read it I’ll be back on board with a veggie based diet.

I will keep you posted on my thoughts of Skinny Bitch and vegetarianism.

Lunch #2 – I ran an errand with a friend on lunch and she stopped by the Ralph’s salad bar to get a bite and I couldn’t resist getting a taste of a couple of the salads…dscn86881 Normal lunch 

Breakfast - Oat bran with naner, almond milk, raisins, flax seed and PB. This is so filling it almost makes me sick.dscn8675 Normal lunch

 dscn8678 Normal lunchI”m green today! I packed all my lunch and snacks in reusable containers!!!

W/O: I did 5 miles this morning and took a little walk to cool down. I wanted to do some yoga, but didn’t have time when I got back icon sad Normal lunch I need to freakin’ stretch!!!


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    I think your lunch looks very healthy.
    It’s funny how life changes when you’re in love! And even better when the obsessed lust/love phase fades and you realize you still like being with the guy! Then you’ve got a keeper.

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    I am reading Vegan Freak right now, and the chapter I read last night mentioned Becoming Vegan! I think I am going to see if the book store has it today, so I can use it during my transition to veganism.

    Skinny Bitch is an amusing read. I hope you like it!

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