It’s back to my normal little life now…

This post is not going to be half as exciting as my last one.

W/O: I did 6 miles of happiness today icon smile Boo.

Breakfast was a smoothie with a PB&PB english muffin (the 1/2 naner is left over from the smoothie)  Boo.







I was super tired from my sleepless weekend, so I didn’t post my daily eats yesterday. They were pretty normal…

Breakfast:  Boo.







 Boo.Lunch – I was happy to get some veggies! This is a HUGE Tupperware too!





 Boo.Snack - Cherries make me so happy. These will be my go-to fruit until they are out of season icon smile Boo.





 Boo.Plus some cereal -







 Boo.Dinner – A bunch of leftovers - Beans, rice and veggie lasagna.





 Boo.Dessert – The rest of my special cookie from Susan. I think she ordered them from Cookie Cure. They aren’t just amazingly decorated – they taste really good too! I’m normally a chocolate chip cookie girl, but these are delicious!


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    I am so happy you had a great bachlorette weekend!!! Love alllll the food, and I know how great it must feel to be back to normal food again:)

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