Fries for dessert

DSCN9128Ben showed up on my doorstep last night by surprise to take me out for dessert. But, it turns out he hadn’t even eaten dinner yet (it was 9pm) so we went to a local hamburger place to get him some grub. I didn’t order anything, but did eat some of his fries…then felt super full. Boo. But, it is kinda sweet that he drove an hour just to see me :)

DSCN9127My dinner was another random mix of things I have on hand…tomato soup, flat out wrap topped with hummus and a piece of cheese. I love throwing together random foods like this because I get to eat exactly what I want!


For dessert (before I knew Ben was on his way!) I had a chocolate covered fortune cookie and some trailmix (no pics).DSCN9115

My afternoon snackage was cereal with almond milk. DSCN9113

I was majorly craving chocolate today (hence the fortune cookie for dessert), but I couldn’t find any at work so I had to settle for this…




Question: Do any of you live around someone that has very different eating habits from you? How do you handle it?

I usually  have no problem making 2 different dishes when I cook for Ben and myself. Most often I make something vegetarian for me and just give it to him with some kind of meat on top :)

He is really great about letting me pick the restaurant when we go out too! But, sometimes I can’t avoid delicious fries in my face!!!


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    My boyfriend has absolutely AWFUL eating habits. He regularly eats four slices of white toast for breakfast and downs pizza like 3 times a week. And when he cooks dinner, it’s often sauteed in tons of butter.

    I stick to not eating if I’m full and I know that the calories will work themselves out in the big picture. And I make sure to order something not-too-big and marginally healthy if we went to a restaurant HE picked out. :)

    But sometimes you just gotta enjoy the fries too! 😉

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    my boyfriend probably consumes 8 thousand calories a day. maybe more. seriously he can eat and eat and eat and nothing happens. and we are together ALL the time. and he eats food that is really not healthy in the slightest! when we first got together i had a hard time, gained some weight because i ate out a lot, but it has been a couple years and i just eat my thing and he eats his, and if we do go out we pick somewhere that we both like. it is a compromise situation for sure!

    glad you are making it work for you and ben!

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    Last night I ate 5 tater tots. It doesn’t sound like a lot – and it probably isn’t in the grand scheme. My intention for posting this on your blog is to say that I ate the tots because they were in front of me and my friends were eating them. Otherwise, no fried tots at all. I think Bill had about half a basket by himself.

    The other day, Bill got some dish that included red meat, potatoes, rice and bread. He said it was an ideal meal for him. Needless to say – his eating habits aren’t great – but they have gotten better with time.

    Anyway – this is my roundabout way of saying YES. I live with someone who eats very differently than me!

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    I’m a vegetarian (almost vegan) and my hubby is an omni all the way. I always cook a joint item for both of us like veggies, rice, pasta…. then I make him meat in a separate pan. Then he gets whatever I make plus the meat. My kids are omnis too…. they are really picky so they pick at everything. Love you blog! Check mine out any time if you need ideas on food. I try to eat different things all the time! Good luck on your upcoming wedding! 30 days? Wow!

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