New lappy

dscn9388 New lappyHowdy – Sorry I’m late! I was setting up my new laptop icon smile New lappy It has a different mouse pad than I’m used to and I keep messing up!

Blog related – We decided to get one of those internet plans that you can use anywhere so while I’m on vacation I’ll be blogging it up!

Can you see my reflection in the computer? 



 New lappyMy peep wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market for lunch and I never turn that down! The Farmer’s Market here doesn’t just have fruits and veggies. It also has a lot of food vendors! They make it smell so good!

 New lappy

dscn9373 New lappyI scored a huge bag of cherries for $9.00. They will be gone by tomorrow. This is an expensive habit. I should take up smoking to save some money.

dscn9385 New lappyI also got 2 big bunches of kale for kale chips. I’ve been craving these. One of the co-workers who went with us said she’s never seen someone so excited about kale. I am a dork.








dscn9386 New lappyUnfortunately, I had packed my lunch so I had to avoid the vendors and eat my food. Lisa did give me a taste of her Pad Thai and rice though icon smile New lappy Just a taste makes me happy icon smile New lappyp deli cranberry New lappy

My lunch was based on this new find from WFs – dscn9364 New lappy


I put it in a Perfect 10 bagel with spinach, mayo and onions. I also had cucumbers and carrots on the side.







I’ve been munching on the cherries and have pretty much made myself sick at this point. Fantastic Monica.


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    Cool laptop! It looks super snazzy :D I love the Farmer’s Market. There’s always so much good stuff, and it’s fun to browse, too. Your bagel looks delicious!

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