Take a breath

I'm typing this post in the plane on the way to Atlanta for a layover before I finally make it to NJ. This morning was crazy, but that's pretty much the theme of my life right now. I tried to accomplish as much as I could before going out of town, but still wasn't able to do it all. As I was running this morning, I thought "I just feel like I can't breath." And that wasn't … [Read more...]

Observe and report

After a night that started out like this... I barely got any sleep last night! Beverages and dancing! Ben's away so I played with my friends! Oh, and some of this... I have to admit that I was not a very healthy blogger last night :( Sorry. But, life is short and my dancing days won't be around forever!    Drinking means I do not make wise food choices. Noted.   I just … [Read more...]