Hopeful Honeymoon

Because of some stuff going on right now Ben and I may have to postpone the honeymoon to September :( I am so bummed because we have put off taking a vacation this year for this trip! Boo. I'm hoping it will work out and we'll be able to go to Belize like we originally planned. I don't want to say "pray for us" because this isn't that important in the grand scheme, but maybe … [Read more...]

Almost there!

Ben and I got our marriage license today on our lunch. We had to meet at the Registrar's office because we are coming from 2 different directions. Before I left I ate cherries. I still can't decide if my favorite fruit is watermelon or cherries!         I also had to pack lunches for Ben and I to eat since we were getting the license during our lunch. I ate half a piece … [Read more...]