Burning a hole

Marathon training – today called for an easy 4 miles. I feel like I should do some yoga when I get back from short runs like this, but I didn’t have time today :(

DSCN1196Like I said last night – I have a lot of spinach to use up before it goes back, so a Chocolate Green Smoothie was in order! I used a handful of spinach, frozen naner, frozen blueberries, half scoop chocolate protein powder and almond milk. It was great!


DSCN1195Mini-bagel with PB on the side. I got PB all over when I was trying to make this, it was a delicious mess!





DSCN1197These cherries were burning a hole in my lunch box! I don’t think I was that hungry yet, but I couldn’t keep myself from eating them right now :) I love cherries, but now I’m all out! This means I’ll be heading to Costco tomorrow :)


I think I’m going out to lunch since we were all out of sammie bread. Where to go…where to go…


  1. marathonmaiden says

    cherries never seem to last that long around me either! and pb bagels are supposed to be messy, they taste better that way :)

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