I love Ruby

I love that show Ruby on the Style Network. Have you guys seen it? I think she is super cute and has the most adorable southern accent and positive outlook :) I also feel a special connection with Ruby because she has red hair and wants to lose weight.

The new season started yesterday and I had to go to my mom’s to watch it since Ben and I don’t have a TV in our current place.

I ended up spending the night there and taking a walk with the dogs before the show.

Dinner was soup and salad since – I’M SICK :( Ben says I never get sick because I’m so healthy, but I think the combination of wedding and moving stress was way too much for my body and I’ve been feeling super run down for a few days now. Today I have a major head cold, but I have a lot on my mind so I went out for a slow 4 miles. I normally DO NOT RUN SICK (I learned this the hard way, please don’t run when you’re sick). But, I really needed to get out today. DSCN1387DSCN1386







I had my last Vitatop with ice cream for dessert – seriously if you have Vitatops, do this!DSCN1390

Breakfast today was oatbran. I love oatbran more than oatmeal for some reason, but I feel like it’s so much more filling while you’re eating it. Everytime I have it with Almond Butter I always feel like I have a brick in my stomach afterways – and it’s the same calories as my oatmeal. I topped this bowl with a little brown sugar, 1/2 PB Larabar and some AB – no wonder it was so heavy! DSCN1394


The plan for today is 1. work and then 2. home for packing/cleaning. I am going to miss a lot of things about CA, but my horrible commute is not one of them!


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    I totally love that show. I DVR’d it last night, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I can’t wait to see how she’s doing! I love her too–I just want to give her a big hug.

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    i love oatbran more too because its alot less clumpy and thick…however it has 3 grams more fiber so its has better staying power…. it also feels heavier while eating it for me too but i think its because of the added fiber.

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