Cereal, schmeareal

I lalalove cereal, and actually it used to be my go-to binge food. In the process of Intuitive Eating I've been giving myself full permission to buy and eat whatever cereal I want including "BAD" cereals - dun dun dunnnnnnnn (say it like I just said something super scary). Well, I.E. is slowly working (slowly being the key phrase here). I can eat cereal and not a whole box in … [Read more...]

The Spot

I went to The Spot for lunch yesterday. It's a natural food restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA. This place is only a block from the beach so people are riding by on their beach cruisers and walking by in bikinis or board shorts - a very fun environment. This is how The Spot is described on the menu: We are a natural food restaurant -- most of our menu is available fat free & … [Read more...]

Brownies, not Girl Scouts

Were you a "Brownie" when you were a kid? I was :) But, today I'm talking real brownies - not girl scouts. Today was my last day in the office and I wanted to bake something as a farewell to my co-workers. I work in a very fun office and have a lot of good friends there. I found this mix at the store - on sale! It's organic and whole wheat, a very relatively healthy dessert … [Read more...]