Made it to Maryland

Matt (my little bro) pronounces Maryland like Disneyland – it’s super cute :)

Well, we finally made it! It was a very very l-o-n-g trip and I am glad to be in once location finally. Since we gave away everything we own except for what fit in the car we only had crap clothes to unpack. Then, we went to Target to buy the essentials…plates, toaster, blender, etc.

We are supposed to get furniture from Ben’s family in NJ so I am currently writing this on the living room floor and going through TV with-drawls.

We also made a MASSIVE trip to Costco for food and a small trip to TJs for the rest.

Here are the pics from Pittsburgh. It was cool, but we really didn’t get to see much.DSCN9987

DSCN9986Marathon Training: Today I attempted a long run and got a nose bleed! I was aiming for 11 miles and around mile 9 I wiped my nose on my sleeve (because I am a lady) and there was blood all over my sleeve. I have never gotten a bloody nose in my life. What gives????? Who votes all the stress of the wedding and move have gone to my brain and I’m dying?

I ate a lot a lot of cherries today and had to take a pic of this one. It’s the cutest cherry you will ever see, note it.

DSCN0023In other news we went to our new city’s International Festival today and there was no healthy options. I went with a combo of veggie friend rice and veggie lo mein. The pic is on Ben’s camera because the battery of my camera fell out. Just picture greasy Chinese take-out in a big Styrofoam container.


  1. says

    Welcome to the east coast! Hooray for arriving to gorgeous (and unseasonably dry) weekend weather :)

    Aw man, maybe your sinuses were just super dry! Explore anywhere fun on your run?

  2. Barista says

    I haven’t been reading long, so I don’t know the whole back story, but I think it’s totally cool that you gave everything away and moved across the country! Have fun on your new adventure! I’m excited to read more

  3. Gina says

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy getting settled in! Sorry about the nosebleed, I sometimes get them in the winter when my nose is really dry.

  4. K says

    You’re blog is great! Did you Freudian slip on veggie “friend” rice or do you just call it that?! Lol. P.S. do you have personal manicurist or are you naturally that gifted?

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