Fork it

Rachel Ray says you should separate english muffins with a fork. And since she is so likeable :) I choose to follow her advice.DSCN0088

I made a smoothie and english muffin breakfast. I bought a huge batch of naners from Costco this weekend and didn’t realize that even though they are still green (!) they are ripe since I just gave Ben one. But, I missed out :(DSCN0090

Marathon Training: My run sucked today. Yesterday I averaged a 9:09 pace and today it was 9:30 or something. What is up?


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    lol rachel ray is def likable (i thought it was “likeable”?). didn’t know that about the fork! interesting. i have found in the past couple of months that my easy runs have slowed WAY down by at least a minute/mile. at first i was disappointed, but then i realized i’m not alone and it’s actually beneficial to take it extra easy on “easy” days and try to go even harder on select harder days (tempo, track, etc). :)

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