Leave it to IHOP

Sorry I didn’t post last night…we got home at 1:30am and didn’t get to bed until after 2! Then, we had to wake up early to unload the truck and get it back to the rental place. Oh, and the trip all the way to NJ was kind of a bust because the fam had recently had a yard sale and sold most of their stuff they needed to  get rid of. Boo.DSCN0164

DSCN0171On the way to NJ I ate my packed lunch that wasn’t very glamourous…blubes, carrots and chips and a hummus sandwich.DSCN0166DSCN0163

I got a frozen yogurt at a random rest stop for happiness :)DSCN0174

Ben’s great aunt gave us snacks for the road, so I ate a handful of pretzels and 2 chocolate chip cookies at midnight on the way home. I was eating because I was tired not hungry :(DSCN0176

We packed up the car and it was 8pm, so we stopped at a mall to scavenge something to eat. I was really craving fries for some reason. Normally Ben gets fries once every other week (or more often) and I get to have some, but he hasn’t gotten any in a while so it’s been too long. I got a big salad at one of the food stops and curly fries at another. The fries weren’t that good, but I still ate them – bad decision because I just ended up disappointed and overly full. Boo.DSCN0179 Intuitive Eating has taught me there is nothing wrong with ordering what you really want, but you should eat until you are satisfied and only eat what you like. I need to remember this at meal times!!!


After bringing all our stuff inside I attempted to make waffles!!! I  was very excited – this is why I picked this George Foreman for our wedding registry – it has removable plates & can be a waffle maker! Take it from someone who had a regular Foreman in the past…removable plates make clean up 1000 times easier!DSCN0191

Well, my waffles completely sucked. I opened up the Foreman too soon and then had to put it back down and that just smashed it. I used a recipe for whole wheat waffles I found online – I left out the oil because we only had olive oil and that may be the reason, but they sucked beyond that. I ate all of mine because I’ll eat anything covered in maple syrup, but Ben left most of his – that means they were really bad!!! Next time we will go out for waffles I guess….DSCN0187

Ben is going to CA for work this week which means I will have plenty of time to be homesick, improve the blog and eat a block of cheese in my underwear

I have not done any exercise today and I feel like complete crap. I need to get Ben to the airport by 3:30pm and then I’ll try to take a walk or something???


  1. Stephanie says

    You are not being silly by wanting to make your house a home!

    Is Ben always going to be going back and forth?!?

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