Four Fast

Finally I had a good run! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good run and I’ve been getting very discouraged. I only did 4 miles today, but they were speedy (for me) and I felt good :)DSCN0204

I had a bowl of Kashi GL Crunch and Flax Plus topped with raisins and almond milk. From past experience I know I do best with nut butter (healthy fats) with breakfast, but I wasn’t feeling it – plus I am having AB&J for lunch. I’ve gotta take the apple to go!DSCN0209

Have you heard Gold’s Gym has called this month Cankles Awareness Month? This made me laugh because my brother Michael would always tell me I had cankles and even found a birthday card about cankles for me one year! Ha!

Don’t worry about your cankles, I doubt anyone besides you cares about your ankles…your boobs on the other hand…


  1. bexeats says

    hi monica,

    i’ve been reading your blog for a while and i thought it was about time to leave a comment!

    i can identify so much with the weight and bingeing issues. intuitive eating is one of my biggest struggles and it has helped me tons to read about your experiences.

    feel free to check out my (brand new, still pretty akward) blog:

    i am hoping that if i can get some people to read it then i will be held accountable to keep up with it!

    becca <3

  2. Adriel says

    Look at that huge machine on your wrist! Can the space station communicate with you through it? You must have a buff left arm.

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