Gathering sticks

I feel guilty that I sometimes think I need certain material things. I think it’s ridiculous that Target has so much crap and we are almost trained to want this stuff! That being said, I went to Target today to get some stuff for the apartment. As I was driving home (feeling guilty) I realized in my own little way I was gathering sticks for my nest. Our apartment is in a tragic state and I want to make it feel home. I’m gathering the same “sticks” that my mom and my friends gathered to make their homes “homey”. Birds of a feather? I don’t know…I still feel like it’s kinda sad, but here are my “sticks”.DSCN0197

I just snacked through lunch on cherries, carrots and hummus, chips and something else I can’t recall…DSCN0195DSCN0193

I did take a de-stressing walk before dinner :)

I just heated up the leftovers from dinner on Friday – brown rice and veggie “chicken”, I added broccoli.DSCN0199

I have been meaning to try baking chocolate since I love super dark chocolate :) I took a small step toward that with this 90% chocolate.DSCN0201

I melted some of it on a sandwich thin with almond butter – Delicious!DSCN0203

Now I am watching the Best of “True Life” because we finally have a TV. We didn’t have one in our new place in Orange County after the wedding and haven’t had one since – it’s been a month!

I’m going through the pics of my past eats to see where I can improve I feel like I’m still missing the mark…


  1. Evan Thomas says

    I hear ya on the “sticks” thing. The way I justify spending money on silly little knick-knacks is that they make me feel at home and comfortable no matter where I am and that’s definitely worth the money

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