Early, early dinner

I went home on my lunch to check on dinner. I was making Spanish Rice in the crockpot for the first time and wanted to make sure that I put enough water in it so it didn’t burn. When I checked on it 3 hours later – it was already done! I could have had dinner at noon icon smile Early, early dinner

I put brown rice, diced tomatoes, water, garlic and spices and some frozen veggies in the crockpot this morning and “Wa-La!” Spanish Rice!dscn0288 Early, early dinner

I ate it for dinner with black beans and topped with Tapatio.dscn0297 Early, early dinner

Then, I realized this dinner was too healthy/needed something so I added some shredded cheese – now it’s perfect! dscn0299 Early, early dinnerSince I was home for lunch I figured I would eat there icon smile Early, early dinner This reminded me of my old job where I worked from how a few days a week and would eat lunch on normal plates like a lady (kinda).

I had a veggie burger, apple and pickle…

dscn0280 Early, early dinnerAnd a BIG salad for volume. Hummus is seriously the new black.

dscn0281 Early, early dinnerThe thing is, after eating all of this I was overly full, but I don’t think it was because I ate too much. Calorie-wise this lunch was good. But, I think I overdid it with the volume.

dscn0282 Early, early dinner

I had the best trail-mix for an afternoon snack. I mixed up a bunch of goodies from my cupboards – all my new faves.dscn0290 Early, early dinner

After dinner I started snacking on cereal and decided to make it my dessert :)This is my new, tragic sugar cereal…As a food blogger, I should be embarrassed, but f-that I’m keeping it real. The good thing is that a serving is 1 1/2 cups icon smile Early, early dinnerdscn0303 Early, early dinner

I also finished off some bars that were open “cereal style”dscn0301 Early, early dinnerI also took a quick walk after work. I get antsy and need to walk after sitting for so long! Ben says I should get a job as a Park Ranger because I would be in Heaven if I could just walk around all day icon smile Early, early dinner I say I should get a job as a mail-woman!

I’m putting together an Excel spreadsheet with the cost of our usual shopping list items to see where is the best place to buy them, how often I get them, etc…I’m hoping this will help budget for food icon smile Early, early dinnerdscn0307 Early, early dinnerBudget questions: Do you have a food budget? How do you keep track of food spending? How often do you go to the store?

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