Pee Pants

So I peed my pants today and thought of Billy Maddison & the Pee pants scene…


Okay, I didn’t really pee my pants (even though it’s super cool). But I did get disgustingly sweaty on my ran today and looked like I peed my pants. I was super embarrassed, but when you’re running 13 miles in August it’s just part of the deal. I don’t know if you can tell, but I am drenched! It’s gross…dscn0364 Pee Pants

Hairy Issues: I think I found the solution to my hair problems. I made 2 braided pig-tails today. (I put rubber bands at the top and bottom so they wouldn’t unravel.) It worked!dscn0351 Pee PantsAnd before the run I fueled up with some cereal. I normally have PB toast, but I was planning on a PB involved breakfast.dscn0350 Pee Pants

After the run I had to pick up Ben at the airport. So I made a quick smoothie bowl topped with my new fave cereal and was on my way. The night before a long run I plan fancy breakfasts for after the run, but I always end up wanting a smoothie or cereal – probably because I’m super hot and dehydrated.dscn0367 Pee Pants

Question of the day: What do you eat after you run 13 miles?
My Answer: Anything you want.

So, I am planning on pizza and frozen yogurt later icon smile Pee Pants Life is short friends  – drink more wine (or tequila) & eat more ice cream…


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    I only did 4 and was a hot mess! I like the pigtail idea with the hair. I have fine hair and I wear sweaty bands- they are the only thing that keep my hair out of my face and don’t slip. Anyway- enjoy your Saturday!

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    I used to ALWAYS get a huge self-serve froyo loaded with toppings after my long runs. Carbs & protein & deliciousness!! I would literally dream of it during the hard miles.

    great job on your 13 miles!! I”m uber jealous :-)

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