My own pizza

Normally at restaurants Ben and I order our own thing (obviously). But, with pizza you kinda have to come to some agreement. This is super hard when you don’t eat meat and your pizza-mate loves things like pepperoni, sausage, extra cheese, and more pepperoni. Sometimes we do half and half, but since he wanted a sub I got my own pizza icon smile My own pizza

I got a med. veggie pizza  and I have leftovers for tomorrow!

dscn0393 My own pizza

I also had some of Ben’s onion straws…dscn0387 My own pizza

Earlier today…

After I picked him up from the airport I made a big brunch – eggs scrambled with a bunch of veggies and cheese, toast and cherries (more than this).dscn0370 My own pizzadscn0372 My own pizza

I also ate a lot of fruit over the course of the afternoon…dscn0380 My own pizza

A lot.dscn0378 My own pizza

And a few of these healthified nachos I made for Ben.dscn0385 My own pizza

As promised (to myself) I had some frozen yogurt for dessert. We discovered Rita’s next door to the pizza place. I have never tried it before, but since it was right there I decided to try it. I got this thing that mixed frozen yogurt, italian ice and some Oreos. I love chocolate.dscn0395 My own pizzaRight now we are watching Heartbreak Kid…funny stuff icon smile My own pizza

I’m super homesick, but my mom and Matt are visiting us soon!

pin it button My own pizza


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    I’m so jealous of your Rita’s. I try to get it whenever I visit my mom in PA. They don’t have one near us.

    For the pizza dilemma we usually order it half and half too if we eat it out. Normally I’ll just make it at home and we each have a mini one. :-)

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