Finally Food Inc.

After the longest wait (I wanted to see it before I left California!) I saw Food Inc. tonight!

I am not going to review it since 1. it’s already been reviewed so many times and 2. I figured I’d just be preaching to the converted.

But one extra insight I had that I think may be different from some others is how much it bothered me that the Hispanic family in the movie couldn’t afford to buy vegetables and $1.00 burgers were more cost efficient. And in another part of the country Mexican immigrants are being attracted to the factory jobs under shitty conditions and then deported – while the companies that employed them get no consequences. I know I have a biased opinion, but it pisses me off.

One of the facts the movie showed on the screen was that 1 in 2 minority children born after 2000 will develop diabetes. I don’t even know where to begin to help change that.

Ben came with and said he learned a lot icon smile Finally Food Inc. And by learned a lot he said that he wanted me to buy him grass-fed beef now. It’s a step…

Since I had a late breakfast I ate a late lunch of fruit and pizza leftovers.dscn0412 Finally Food Inc.

We were running late to the movie so we just picked something up on the way. Luckily we found a crepe place right next door to the theater icon smile Finally Food Inc. I got The Veggie crepe, that didn’t actually have any veggies in it except onions?! Poor choice of name people. I know someone else who would really appreciate a chickpea filled crepe too icon smile Finally Food Inc. 2009 08 02 18 44 45 Finally Food Inc.

I knew I couldn’t take a pic in the theater so here is an action shot of the girl making it. This was my first savory crepe ever!2009 08 02 18 46 18 Finally Food Inc.

Dessert! I was super hungry after the movie so I ate some trail mix (I meant to take it with me).dscn0413 Finally Food Inc.

 Finally Food Inc.And banana soft serve mixed with some smoothie from earlier…and topped with granola icon smile Finally Food Inc.

I am all inspired by the movie right now and want to do something to help change the way the food industry works. I already try to buy organic (when I can afford it), don’t eat meat (not including fish) and avoid HFCS, but what else can I do? I kind of want to join a hippie commune and live off the land. Do you think a hippie commune would let me watch the Real Housewives though?

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Me: Lisa is taking me to Ann’s House of Nuts tomorrow.

Ben: Whoa, wait a second…Are you sure that’s not a strip joint?

He’s so weird…

Wait – I just had a few bowls of  cereal too. I told you my hunger catches up with me the day after a long run. I shouldn’t be eating this so late in the day I think this confirms my RD’s thoughts that I have no clue about my hunger cues icon sad Finally Food Inc. dscn0417 Finally Food Inc.Remember:

1. Buy local

2. Eat Seasonally

3. Read labels

4. Vote with your food choices – 3 times a day. *That would be 5 times a day for me icon wink Finally Food Inc.

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Change Our Food System

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  1. Lindsay Lu says

    I was shocked by the large companies not being penalized for their actions with minorities too! The fact that they showed these companies soliciting illigal immigrants to come to work and then treating them the way they do is an outrage! This was a major eye opener for me!

  2. Pam says

    House of nuts does kinda sound like a strip joint.. haha

    Great post. I need to see Food Inc. I’ve been trying to make changes. Slowly but surely I’m getting there!

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