AB and J All Day

On my run this morning I was planning what to pack for lunch today and all I wanted was a AB&J sandwich. That is no biggie, except what I planned on having for breakfast was Almond Butter toast (with a Green Monster). I kept trying to think up alternative lunches...big salad, cheese and hummus sammie, leftovers...nope. I wanted AB&J so this is a warning that the blog … [Read more...]

Ann's House of Nuts

As promised, I went to Ann's House of Nuts today! This place sells nuts wholesale to the public. It is in Jessup, MD. Their prices are great and often when they are overstocked with something you can get it for super cheap! They don't have a real website, but here is a link to their location info. This place is small, but is STOCKED with all kinds of nuts and … [Read more...]