PB on My Cereal

Good Morning friends! It is hump day, how are you hanging in there?

This week has been a little tough for me with changing my schedule to getting up an hour earlier and being homesick. But, my mom and Matt are coming to visit next week so I am very excited!!!

This morning I did the exact same run as yesterday – 6 miles on the same route. I want to keep at this hilly route until I don’t take walking breaks. I think it will be a while though…

Breakfast: I love cereal! But, since cereal alone doesn’t keep me full for long I make sure to make a hearty bowl. It had TJ’s Raisin Bran/Granola mix, Flax Plus and PB Puffins with almond milk. I also  cut up half a banana for the top.

dscn0480 PB on My CerealAnd I put PB on the other half . Healthy fats=fullness icon smile PB on My Cereal *Since I use Almond Milk instead of dairy or soy this is especially important since AM doesn’t have protein. dscn04791 PB on My CerealI have a busy day ahead of me, see ya later!


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    I’m still a bit leary on trying almond milk and nut butter in cereal or oatmeal. Everyone says it’s great but for some reason I can’t wrap my mind around it.

    But I do love PB (or any nut butter) on fruit. I like putting AB on my apple in a WW tortilla for a snack after a long run.

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