"No Diet" Diet

Roni (Roni's Weigh) had a link to My "No Diet" Diet - that is one person's journey to Intuitive Eating. I love it. This article really shows how much of a scary process Intuitive Eating is after years of dieting. I feel like I could have wrote this exactly. It gave me chills it was so close to my own story... My "No Diet" Diet I have been very reluctant to completely trust … [Read more...]

Donut Day

Today is Donut Day at work. Every Friday one guy brings in Donuts and they just sit there in the kitchen for me to see (and smell) every time I refill my water bottle or go get food (which equals about 314 times a day!). I am actually not feeling donuts today, but since I have been craving a cookie I might go get one. So I left some  room in my breakfast calories for a Friday … [Read more...]

Empty Snack Drawer

Since I just started this job I haven't brought any snacks to work that I just left there. I have been eating the snack, lunch and snack I've been taking. This is fine, until today when for some reason I brought a shitty bag of popcorn for an afternoon snack. Poor choice of snack Monica, seriously. But, earlier today I was a genious when I packed my lunch... First, a big … [Read more...]