Being a redhead hurts…

Here is a link to an article about how Redheads require more anesthesia than others. Some gene mutation makes us more resistant to pain blockers. Weird, but interesting. I have wanted to dye my hair blond for the longest time, but then I won’t get extra Novocaine at the dentist :(

This is an article about Running on Vacation. I love running on vacation, but it’s not always safe (if you’re out of the country or in shady areas) so be careful! Anyways, I like hearing other people’s tales of running on vay-cay :)


  1. crgilvr says

    I used to work with Dan Sessler, who did those studies. And I’m a redhead. Guess who used to get asked to participate in studies?

  2. says

    I love this. I’m a redhead and I’ve never noticed. I actually can’t handle pain killers….they make me nauseous. Now an epidural….that thing was fabulous! :)

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