Thank you, thank you

We got our Thank You cards in yesterday. Finally! I picked out 2 different designs... and this is the back... Today I did a run without my Garmin since it couldn't find the satellite. I ended up doing the same route again. I need to change it up. Now I am enjoying a Green Monster and one I'm going to take this new Lara bar for the road. This is one of the new flavors the … [Read more...]

Can I buy you a drank?

Today I was wearing my reporter hat covering a conference in D.C. It was fun! I wasn't sure what my options were for lunch nearby so I packed lunch. (This was kinda akward because I had to carry it with me all day.) But I did buy a drink, or two :) I am like a camel and I need to store liquids in my humps or something, but I drink massive amounts of water, seltzer, iced tea, … [Read more...]