Thank you, thank you

We got our Thank You cards in yesterday. Finally! I picked out 2 different designs…dscn0670 Thank you, thank you

dscn0668 Thank you, thank youand this is the back…dscn0672 Thank you, thank you

Today I did a run without my Garmin since it couldn’t find the satellite. I ended up doing the same route again. I need to change it up.

Now I am enjoying a Green Monster and one I’m going to take this new Lara bar for the road. This is one of the new flavors the company sent me. They sent it to my old address and my mom brought it to me last night. I’m so glad she didn’t eat them all, I should at least give her one of them icon smile Thank you, thank you dscn0675 Thank you, thank youHave a great day!!!


  1. Melissa says

    Long time reader, first time commenter here! Just wanted to say I love your blog. You’re so real and easy to relate to. I like reading the blog of someone who shares the same day to day struggles that I do when it comes to making healthy food choices while maintaining a fun balance of treats. You’re a breath of fresh air among some of the blogs that are just a little too perfect for my tastes. My question is what is your training schedule? I’m training for a half marathon and am interested in comparing our schedules. I’m kind of bored with mine so some new ideas are needed. Thanks and keep up the awesome work on the bloggy blog!

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