Snowcone Oasis

After work I decided to try and walk to Costco and figured Ben could pick me up there. A half a mile there and I realized the rest of the way was on a busy highway with no sidewalk. So, I vetoed that plan and decided to walk home. That added a significant distance to my walk! I had been walking over an hour when I saw an oasis…DSCN0761

It’s a snow cone stand!!! A snow cone stand in the middle of a neighborhood – how wonderful (and random!). And heck yes I got one. I am so lucky that I had cash on me (I never usually do). I ordered the biggest one I could with mango and pina colada. It was amazing!DSCN0764

DSCN0768I was so happy I almost told the owner, “God Bless You!” I almost forgot to take a picture of it since I dug right in! The rest of the walk was very pleasant :)DSCN0767

At work I ate trail mix around 2:30pm. This is earlier than my normal snack time but, I was hungry. Honor Your Hunger!DSCN0757

My huge snow cone made me feel full, but in a sick kinda way. Probably because I OD’ed on HFCS :(

I was still hungry when I got home. Maybe it was because I was walking for over an hour and a half!!! WTF. I did a lot of random snacking on a Larabar and chips (for some reason I like these veggie chips, but I’m not normally a chip person).DSCN0773

I completely ruined my dinner so we pushed it back until it was getting near 8pm. I had cheese toast and an egg scramble.DSCN0771

I have a great idea that is kinda blog related. I’m so excited about it, but can’t reveal anything yet :)

See ya tomorrow!


  1. says

    i’m wondering, what is a snow cone? when i started reading i thought it would be an icecream, but then i saw the picture and it comes inside of a cup… :-) i have no idea lol so i’m googling it šŸ˜‰

  2. Jess says

    In MD (Bmore surrounding areas particularly) they are snowballs–served in a cup with more loosely packed ice than a snow-cone. The other peculiarity is the fact that you can get marshmallow fluff or a scoop of ice cream on top of the snowball. I have to say a chocolate snowball with marshmallow on top is one of my all-time summer favorites. I wish they had them up here in Massachusetts.

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