Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk

Today we will answer the age old question:

“Which is better, Almond Milk or Soy Milk?”


I will break it down into 3 categories – Nutrition, Taste and Price


Here are the stats for Almond Milk:DSCN0886










Here are the stats for Soy Milk:  DSCN0888


If you are a calorie counter or your goal is weight loss the first question often is how many calories does it have? But, it is a lot more complicated than that. While Almond Milk has less calories – it also has less protein, so you cannot consider it adding protein to your bowl of cereal or smoothies.

I love using Almond Milk for Green Monsters and in cereal, but I am a morning runner and I need protein after a run. So, I need to make sure I get another form of protein in breakfast if I use Almond Milk. I wouldn’t have this problem with soy.


Taste: I don’t usually drink Soy milk or Almond milk straight up. Most often I use them in smoothies, cereal or recipes so, it is hard for me to say which one I like better by itself.

They are both sweeter than cows milk and thinner in consistency. Depending on whether you purchase Plain/Original/Vanilla/Unsweetened the taste will change slightly, but overall they are sweet and light.

I like them both :)

Price: This is the reason I decided to compare these two drinks. I have been buying Almond milk for over a year, but recent changes in our food budget have me examining the cost of my favorite foods.

DSCN0889Almond Milk can cost anywhere from $1.99 (at Trader Joes) to $2.59 (at local supermarkets) for 1 quart.









Soymilk costs very similar to Almond milk in the grocery store BUT I can get Soymilk at Costco for a little over $1.00 each – $12.29 for 12 – 1 quart containers.

My Verdict:

I slightly prefer Almond Milk in smoothies and cereal to keep the calorie count down. But,  I am a pescetarian  that is training for a Marathon and I need to be mindful of my protein intake (and I rarely even cook fish at home).

When I realized that Soymilk is half the price of Almond milk and has the added bonus of protein I decided to go with Soymilk. I also love that this soymilk is Organic! I will probably continue to purchase Almond Milk on occasion, but I just got a huge case of soy, so not for a while…


  1. says

    I have been using almond milk, but you’re right, it’s extremely pricey and sometimes they don’t sell it at TJ so I have to go to a Ralph’s supermarket where it’s almost $3! I need to find the big gallon kind. I know they sell it, but they must not carry it at major grocery stores yet

  2. says

    I would love to switch to soy all the time but I’m soy intolerant. I can’t have too much or my throat swells. I’m gonna have to stick to almong milk and just use it in moderation!

  3. says

    wow its liek i wrote this post! i had been buying almond milk for a while, and loved it but it was getting so expensive. I went to costco and foudn the same exact soy milk and have been using that lately. I love the taste and the cost but still won’t mind buying the almond milk once in a while :)

  4. Chrissie says

    I don’t really like soy milk, and almond milk is okay. Overall, I prefer coconut milk made by So Delicious. The vanilla flavor is incredible, and costs about $4.49 for a half gallon.

  5. says

    I just can’t wrap my head (mouth?) around the taste of almond milk. It tastes like it’s going bad…

    Now soy milk is my preferred milk in cereal but that’s about it. I don’t drink milk plain (except with a gooey brownie or cookie) and mostly mix it into smoothies or oatmeal so I just use regular organic skim or 1% milk 9 times out of 10.

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