Couscous and Chickpea Salad

DSCN0959Well, after purchasing that massive can of chickpeas this weekend I figured I better start trying to make a dent in them!  






The main players in this recipe were this massive amount of chickpeas (I was rinsing off), ww couscous and eggplant I cooked up in a pan with seasoning.DSCN0956

I saw a Chickpea Salad at Costco and took a look at the ingredients for inspiration. For the dressing I used: Concentrated OJ, Rice Vinegar, S/P, Cumin, Honey and Red Pepper Flakes. (I meant to add olive oil, but totally forgot.)

I mixed the cooked couscous, eggplant and chickpeas with the dressing and added green onions and a little bit of mixed veggies. I loved it! And I love that it was so easy!DSCN0965

DSCN0892You too can own 24 servings of chickpeas – only at Costco for $2.75. For real B.







Even though I was super full after dinner I really wanted to try this new ice cream I picked up on the way home. I have no self control. I just ate a cup of it…at least it’s good?DSCN0966

Conversation between Ben and I:

Ben: “What are you blogging about?”

Monica: “About how I eat ice cream even when I’m full and I’m just getting fatter and fatter and I want to die.”

Ben: “Okay.”

Ignore me, I’m just uncomfortably full right now and talking out of spite.

In other news…I need your help tomorrow with the first week of my Intuitive Eating Challenge – please stay tuned tomorrow morning :)



  1. Megan says

    Part of IE is to be kind to yourself and silence your inner critic. I think the best analogy is to be your own best friend – would you tell your best friend she is fat, or that she eats too much, etc? Then why would you talk to yourself like that? Another neat thing I just read is everytime you say something negative about yourself, you have to then say two postive things. IE is a journey and not a straight one – the road curves along the way and there will be setbacks. I have been IE for almost two years and I still have days where I think about going on a diet, but I don’t. I can tell you that IE has changed my life and I am 100 times happier now even though I am not at my “goal’ weight (or what I thought was my goal weight). I am at my happy weight :-)

  2. says

    hahaha i totz say i just wanna die and get all dramatic when I feel full…my fam ignores me too LOL.. I love ben and his response! love your eats! ice cream is delish, never regret it!!

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