Belize: Inland Time

We did one last Bike/Run before we left the island. We spotted this fruit/vegetable stand and bought some fruit. The lady cut up the mango for us! Score! Mangoes are the worst to cut.dscn1586 thumb Belize: Inland Time

Yes, we ate 1/4 of a watermelon between us….dscn1589 thumb Belize: Inland Time

After a shower it was time for our last breakfast on the beach…dscn1595 thumb Belize: Inland Time I incorporated these “local ingredients” into my breakfast….

dscn1591 thumb Belize: Inland Time dscn1590 thumb Belize: Inland Time

dscn1547 thumb Belize: Inland Time You can’t beat this view with breakfast! It was paradise…

dscn1598 thumb Belize: Inland Time

We took a 13 passenger airplane back to the mainland. Ben sat in the co-pilot seat!dscn1620 thumb Belize: Inland Time

dscn1617 thumb Belize: Inland Timedscn1613 thumb Belize: Inland Time After a very bumpy ride we made it to our inland hotel – Black Rock Lodge.dscn1627 thumb Belize: Inland Time

Black Rock Lodge is so secluded! We were in the middle of the rainforest icon smile Belize: Inland Time There was a hammock right outside our door.dscn1640 thumb Belize: Inland Timedscn1631 thumb Belize: Inland Time

The rooms are very minimal and rustic. It is an eco-lodge and feels like you’re “roughing” it on vacation a bit.dscn1637 thumb Belize: Inland TimeAll the guests eat together in an open air dining room. It has beautiful views. dscn1629 thumb Belize: Inland Time

The first thing we did was tubing down the river.   img 0748 thumb Belize: Inland Time img 0734 thumb Belize: Inland Time

I did get pooped on though icon sad Belize: Inland Time img 0737 thumb Belize: Inland Time

We ate dinner at the Lodge. dscn1647 thumb Belize: Inland TimeThey have a set menu, but let you choose from a meat or veggie option.  I chose the veggie option veggie option – it was chickpea curry with rice and veggies.dscn1652 thumb Belize: Inland Time

Dessert was an apple streusel – delicious icon smile Belize: Inland Time dscn1654 thumb Belize: Inland Time

The rainforest is beautiful, but it’s a rainforest – this means bugs everywhere. I’m not a big fan. And I got pooped on!

Monica’s Random Comment of the Day:

Monica: “Every time I think I’m an outdoors girl, I do something outdoors and a bug jumps on me and I think – ‘What the F, what the F?!’”

Ben: (Laughs)

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  1. lessonstolearn says

    Monica, I am so jealous looking at your pictures. I just showed a couple to my husband and we started making plans for out next trip. I can’t wait!

    I love that you got in some running…there is no better place to run!

    And lastly, I love the bikini pictures. You look beautiful, and so happy! Just as a woman on her honeymoon should look!

  2. says

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! i can’t believe you got pooped on, lol. i’m very glad you got a pic of that. memories!!!!! i also HATE HATE HATE bugs. anytime there is a spider in our house i freak out and call elliot to come and get it. except he SAVES them. i just want them dead. lol.

  3. says

    I want to thank you so much for taking the time to make this post — I, for one, appreciate it! Hearing someone else’s point of view gives me pause to consider. Anyway, thanks again and I’ll be back for more!

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