Rock the Nomination

I just realized there are a couple of categories I actually qualify for on the Foodbuzz Food Blog Awards. I happen to have a suggestion as to who you should maybe vote for... So, let me beg kindly suggest that you nominate me for the following: - Most Humorous Food Blog Why should you vote for me? I make jokes! I shamelessly provide embarrassing information about myself to … [Read more...]

15 to 15 – Cut the Crap

After a week of indulging on my vacation and also eating a lot of sweets and treats before  - I've decided I need to Cut The Crap. All the "crap" I've been eating has been affecting my energy level, running, skin and healthy mindset. It's also become a habit - I've eaten dessert everyday for the last 2 weeks (at least). September  15 to October 15 is the Cut the Crap … [Read more...]