Ben and I bought this bottle of “Pantyripa” in Belize. It is basically Malibu Rum and Pineapple juice already mixed. I know it’s a super fruity/sweet drink, but it is my #2 favorite drink! I came home and drank some :)IMG_1128

Then, I had to write an article on HPV for some freelance work I’m doing. I hope I didn’t write anything inappropriate!

Dinner was pita pizzas…Ben didn’t like them because I used tomato paste and not the normal pasta sauce I use. But, I loved them!IMG_1126

I also ate copius amounts of Pirate’s Booty :) See, I did attempt to plate it, but we all know that I was eating it straight out of the bag by the handful!IMG_1130

Now I want dessert, but I think I may go with something like fruit since I did already eat cookies and a Vitatop today!

I have a long run planned for tomorrow morning and I don’t want to get too full tonight. I always have to force myself to eat something before my runs because I eat too much at night. I’d rather be hungry and enjoy a morning snack :)


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    hay monica. i have followed your blog for a long time and have always found it VERY easy to relate to you! I have only recently started a blog of my own.
    I would love to offer some advice for the over/uncontrollable snacking. i find that if i eat too much fruit i get a sugar rush then just want to keep eating more and more. but at the same time fruit isn’t filling (nutrient wise) so i find myself searching for more to satisfy a deeper hunger. and a bloated unhappy tummy. (feels like just drinking too much liquid!) i am ultimately not satisfied because i didn’t eat something satisfying from the beginning. it is really a vicious cycle. i really find that i just set myself up to fail if i don’t eat something balanced. I could go on and on for a while. but i think i’ll cut myself off. i hope you get the just of what i was saying. i have ben scared of grains for a long time (who knows why, society brainwashing) but they really are a much more sustainable carb choice. i have found my hunger levels much easier to control since i have added in more whole grains. before, i would eat like 10+ servings of fruit a day!! it just doesn’t do anything for my hunger. have a great night!!!! : )

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