Early Bird Tuesday

Ben needed a ride to the train station this morning so I had to get up earlier than usual to get some elliptical time in. I am definitely a morning person, but getting to work at 7:30am is a little too much. I just did 30 minutes on the machine before I had to get ready to go.

Since we were in a rush I threw together lunch and just did cereal for breakfast. It was a mix of cereals, banana and PB :) It won’t be long before I switch it to hot breakfasts. IMG_1236

Now I have to wake up, I mean work…

I have finally caved and am considering bringing my car out here. Does anyone have an inside scoop on shipping your car across the country??


  1. says

    Fruit Gus? They are just *way* too sweet for me when I’m out on a long run. I really have to choke them down. That’s why I settled on the Vanilla Bean and Espresso Love.

    Now – that being said – this past weekend I tried some Hammer Gel (Raspberry and Tropical) and found those pretty palatable. I think they are a little less sweet than Gu though. Still 100 calories per pack.

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