Half Marathon = Twice as much Fun

The half marathon is my favorite distance to run. I think even though it’s half as long as a full marathon, it is twice as much fun!

I came across this website dedicated to half marathon races today and I am excited! I found it while researching a half marathon race I found nearby.

Ummm, did I mention that I found  half marathon is this weekend? And did I mention that I decided to go ahead and sign up for it?!

I probably should also mention that I am crazy since I haven’t been training for a half marathon, but I figure I am ramping up for a full so I can bust it out, right?Right??

I am nervous! But, after my recent admission that I get super nervous before races because I don’t do them enough I thought it would be good for me :)

Since I was an early bird this morning and ate breakfast earlier than usual, I ended up digging into lunch just after 11am! I was hungry and honored my hunger. I packed half a hummus sammie, pita chips and a yogurt. IMG_1241

Right after finishing lunch I was still hungry so I ate my grapes too.IMG_1244

I am still working toward becoming an Intuitive Eater and Ben and I have been having a lot of good conversations about my eating lately. It’s helpful and I’m getting better everyday.

Also, tonight I am going to Start: brushing my teeth after I am done eating, Stop: snacking while cooking and Keep: unwinding before eating.

I am just realizing that I signed up for a half marathon this weekend!!! WTF.


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