Just add eggs

Ben swears that all leftovers are better when you toss it in a pan and fry an egg with it. I normally disagree, but since the corn casserole I made yesterday was dry I thought this would be the perfect dish to add an egg to!

I reheated the corn casserole and topped it with an over-easy egg. The yolk mixed with everything to moisten it up. IMG_1227

Before I left work I ate a PB&J sandwich thin. This is a great snack because I still get to enjoy PB&J, but am not doomed to eat them for lunch everyday and bore you all.IMG_1223

And some chopped kiwi.IMG_1078

Lunch was more of the massive cabbage made into a salad with TJ’s peanut dressing and chickpeas. And yogurt on the side. I added Kashis on top of the salad too!IMG_1219And since we’re going backwards, I ate this apple mid-morning sometime. I’m not always hungry mid-morning, but it’s nice to have some food available when I am!IMG_1218

Now I am eating grapes and contemplating life. And by life I mean, Lost. Ben and I went back to season one since I jumped on the bandwagon at Season three!IMG_1235Looking back on today, I think I ate too much fruit. I need to balance it out more. Even sunlight burns if you get too much!


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    It’s easy to overdo it on fruit. It’s just so good!

    Clever idea to to put an egg over left overs…I’ve never heard of that as a solution to keep it moist. I’ll have to remember that tip.

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