Lost and Found

I lost my sunglasses on my run this morning. It was too dark to wear them when I was first leaving, but I need them as soon as the sun comes up because my eyes are very sensitive. They were in my pocket and fell out somewhere during the first mile. When I noticed I had no idea when I dropped them so I continued on my 7 miler with hopes I’d spot them on the way back. I did! I found them on the way back :)

I celebrated Waffle Wednesday this morning with 2 Kashi waffles, PB&J and a banana…IMG_1264 and turned it into a waffle sandwich :) IMG_1266

The first banana I peeled was bad :( Good think I buy my naners from Costco, so I had a replacement!IMG_1262

Did you guys catch that I’m running a half mary this weekend? I am having second thoughts since I don’t feel ready, but I know I will finish it (just wish I’d PR too)!

Race Prep To Do List:

  • Buy Gus
  • Wash fave running clothes
  • Get directions
  • Look at course map

Housekeeping: I’m still working some of the kinks out on the new layout. I know the link color is very light and the comments aren’t all showing up. But, let me know if you see any other problems.


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    Where is your 1/2 marathon? Are you running the Baltimore 1/2? I’m pretty sure I read that you moved to Md so just curious if you are running any of the same races I am. You will be great!!!

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