Stop for a second


Today I spent the day with the family who are getting the home built for them and the volunteers doing the building. The family is made up of a single mom with four sons. The second to the eldest got brain cancer after Katrina and has since had chemo and surgery (he is okay as of now). The second to the youngest just turned 13. He has epilepsy and had a seizure while I was … [Read more...]

Breakfast in MS


Hello from Mississippi. I am staying in the "camp" with the volunteers. I was expecting a real camp, but it's a cute little building with bunks for men and women and a communal kitchen. I ate dinner and breakfast with everyone and it was a great way to get to know the volunteers. w/o: no workout today, but I'm figuring I'm going to be on my feet all day so I'm not gonna … [Read more...]



This is a pseudo-blog post through the hands of my clever and charming husband Ben... I am enjoying my tent in Mississippi and am coated in bug spray. At least its not cold like that arctic tundra called BS-timore. I ate some healthy foods and they tasted good. Here, I'm going to let Ben write some things out of his own free will: Byarrgh alright, now that Im in charge of … [Read more...]